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Dr. Tarkeshwar C. Patil

A – 101, Jagruti Society,

Bhatwadi, Ghatkopar (West), Mumbai – 400084, Maharashtra, India. 


Talk Title
 An apparatus and a method for in-vivo power generation

Talk Abstract

An apparatus for an in-vivo power generation comprises a fuel converter for converting glucose in a fluid to a hydrogen-rich, low carbon fuel such as ethanol or methanol by the action of a bioenzyme on the glucose in the CSF. The fluid can be any one of cerebrospinal fluid, urine and glucose solution. The apparatus further comprises a biofuel cell comprising a cathode chamber and an anode chamber with a membrane assembly sandwiched between them. The membrane assembly comprises a cathode, an anode and a proton exchange membrane. The cathode is coated with an enzyme laccase, which enables extraction of oxygen when the fluid is passed through the cathode chamber. The oxygen from the cathode chamber and the hydrogen in the hydrogen-rich fuel from the anode chamber diffuses through the proton exchange membrane and reacts at an ionic level to result in water and electrical power. Clinical trials of this research need to be carried out which would help the entire humankind.

Short Biography

Dr. Tarkeshwar C. Patil currently an Independent Scientist. Before: Associate Professor and Head of R & D Center at Terna Engineering College, Navi Mumbai, India. He received Ph.D. in Nanoelectronics, Fuel Cell area from Electrical Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Mumbai, India in 2015. He is active researcher in the area of fuel cell technology, hybrid renewable energy technology, fabrication of III-V, II-VI, III-N, Si, MEMS, Spintronics, GaN, Solar Cells, LEDs, nanowire, QDs devices. He has authored 37 research papers international scientific journals and refereed conference proceedings. He was recently nominated for the prestigious ENI Award 2017, i.e. Nobel Prize for Energy Research for his contribution in the area of Fuel Cell by the ENI Award Secretariat, Italy. He has filed 4 U.S. (published online), 1 PCT (published online), 1 EU (published online) and 5 Indian patents (published online) in the area of micro / nanofuel cell and applications. He is also an active reviewer for reputed scientific journals..

Talk Keywords
Fuel cell, in-vivo, power generation, cerebro spinal fluid.
Target Audience
Speaker-intro video

The International Conference on Innovative Applied Energy (IAPE’18)