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International Conference on Innovative Applied Energy    

E-Proceedings ISBN: 978-1-912532-05-6

Oxford, United Kingdom



Microwave plasma assisted micro-drilling of polymeric material at 2.45 GHz



N K Lautre (1), A K Sharma (2), P Kumar (2) and S Das (3)

1. Department of Mechanical Engineering, VNIT Nagpur,MS, India

2. Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, IIT, Roorkee, India

3. Scientist, BARC, Mumbai, MS, India


Paper Abstract

In Non-conventional drilling is gaining high edge and importance for micro-fabrications. Microwave Plasma assisted micro-drilling is one of the processes showing practical feasibility for polymeric materials. Till date very few developments are reported since the inception of the concept in year 2000. The paper highlights an attempt to drill hole of less than an mm size to an aspect ratio of more than 5, on a perspex material. The material selected for drill tool is steel and copper of size less than an mm. A customized setup is used to generate microwave plasma at the tip if the drill, at 2.45 GHz. The power settings are selected in the step of 90 W to 700 W, with five distinct power steps. The micro-hole was drilled by plasma ablation of polymeric material from the hot spot region. The change in drill material, microwave power shows variation in the quality of hole drilled in polymeric material. 

Paper Keywords
Microwave, energy, plasma, drilling, polymers.
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The International Conference on Innovative Applied Energy (IAPE’18)