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International Conference on Innovative Applied Energy    

E-Proceedings ISBN: 978-1-912532-05-6

14-15 March 2019, Oxford, United Kingdom



A New Method for Preparing an Organic Compound to Reduce the Loses of the Vaporized Hydrocarbons from Gasoline and Petroleum



Marwan Mohammed Farhan and Atyaf Abdulqahar Younus

Iraq-University Of Anbar, College of Applied Sciences – Hit, Iraq



Paper Abstract

A mixture of a new organic compound (active on substances’ surface (SAS) of liquids (Propane-1,2,3-triyl tritetradecanoate)), the one head and three tails, was prepared through the interaction of  industrial fatty acids (IFA) (C14H28O2 Tetradecanoic acid) with the Glycerol. The prepared compound (SAS) was characterized by FT- I.R. and the 1H.N.M.R. spectrum. In addition, its surface, T.C.L. and the C.H.N.S. of the compounds were measured. 

This (SAS) was used to reduce the steam-saturated pressure by 66% and 64% for gasoline and petroleum, respectively, when it was added concentration ppm from (SAS), and after determining the ideal concentration of the added compound. Moreover, the extent of the impact of this compound (SAS) when added for one time per the number of replacement by 90% of the free from the addition fuel was determined. It was found that this compound (SAS) has an effect on reducing steam-saturated pressure of fuel more than (80), (60) times, gasoline and petroleum, respectively times when replaced with fresh fuel. Another advantage of adding this compound (SAS) is that it has the ability to isolate the fuel from the tank wall, keep the fuel tanks’ walls from the fuel friction, and reduces the rates of the fuel storage tanks. Thus, this process helps in keeping the hidden hydrocarbons from the fuel evaporation and ensures a healthy environment free of fuel fumigation pollution (gasoline and petroleum). 

Paper Keywords
organic compound, substances’ surface SAS, reduce the steam-saturated pressure, hydrocarbons.
Corresponding author Biography

I am Dr. Marwan Mohamed Farhan. , Iraqi Nationality Arabic. Obtained a PhD in oilfield Development Engineering from the Russian Federation from Ufa University of Oil and Gas 2015. And amended the  PhD in Iraq with organic chemistry 2016 and obtained a master's degree from Iraq - Faculty of Science with the competence of organic chemistry 2003. Currently, I am teaching at Anbar University - Faculty of Applied Sciences - Hit. I have 19 research papers published in international and national magazines , three of which are in the Scopas category, and I have 3 patents are registered in Russian and the fourth is under completion in Iraq. I participated in nine international and national conferences. I speak Arabic, Russian and English.

The International Conference on Innovative Applied Energy (IAPE’18)