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Pr. Ingo Weidlich

Hafencity University Hamburg, Germany


Talk Title
Flexiblity in Energy Infrastructure

Talk Abstract

In the last decades, energy infrastructure was built in a resilient and reliable way. The requirement of long-lasting infrastructure is common in many supply sectors. Flexibility in dimensions, materials or usages is not foreseen today. However, the expansion of energy infrastructure might be hindered by already existing underground infrastructure. The available urban underground space is limited and existing pipelines have already defined geometry and material properties. At the same time, the technical requirements and boundaries change due to the necessary transformation processes in the energy system. This affects the transportation of the media, the shape of the route or the customer situation. Thus a fundamental idea to increase expansion and simplify transformation in the urban area is the introduction of innovative trenchless renovation technology. The trenchless renovation means that energy pipelines and cables are replaced in the underground without touching the pavement. This equals to a more reliable integrity of the urban surface and significant reduction of disturbance of traffic. Also, the emissions from trench digging and other construction works related to conventional pipe laying are reduced significantly. After the trenchless installation of new energy infrastructure was developed in the last years for all pipe types and cables, trenchless renovation represents a new potential for flexibility. The exsiting energy infrastructure can be changed and a more flexible image of infrastructure could be established. Existing trenchless renovation techniques have to be applied to energy infrastructure, others will have to be developed. The talk presents the different available renovation technologies and evaluates them for district heating networks as an example for energy infrastructure. The related options for a more flexible asset management approach for energy infrastructure will be discussed.

Short Biography

Ingo Weidlich has been a professor for infrastructural engineering at HafenCity University since 2016, author of the book “Earth Pressure on Pipelines” and has had more than 50 publications. He is a researcher in the field of district heating since 2002.

Talk Keywords
Energy infrastructure, Trenchless Technology, Renovation, Transformation of District Heating networks.
Target Audience
Students, Post doctoral, Industry, Doctors and professors
Speaker-intro video

The International Conference on Innovative Applied Energy (IAPE’18)