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Pr. Despina Serghides

Energy, Environment and Water Research Center, The Cyprus Institute, Nicosia, Cyprus


Talk Title
Outdoor thermal comfort evaluation towards developing Smart Urban Isles in the Mediterranean region

Talk Abstract

With rapid urbanisation, sustainability in Cities nowadays is more crucial than ever. It is well established that cities produce a high percentage of global greenhouse gas emissions and in developing countries they bear very high costs associated with climate change. It is also assessed that electricity consumption in cities is increased, in order to compensate for the heat island phenomenon.

Energy is the main parameter that determines the quality of life in cities as well as their environmental quality. Therefore, the energy upgrade of the existing urban infrastructure is essential to promote the sustainable development of cities in the context of combating global climate change. This study uses as main tools for reducing energy consumption in the cities, the use of renewable energy sources, the improvement of the thermal microclimate and the enhancement of energy efficiency.

The general framework of this study is laid from the Urban Europe project Smart Urban Isle (SUI), which takes into account both the buildings’ design and the energy management systems within the wider urban context, in order to assess the potential of using urban isles as key elements for the energy management and the development of Smart Sustainable Cities. The Cyprus case study focuses on the impact of the existing urban fabric on the microclimate and the outdoor thermal comfort. This paper examines and evaluates, through simulations, the current outdoor thermal comfort and the effect and contribution of outdoor materiality and element geometry, towards the possible improvement of thermal comfort at the pedestrian level, in the town centre of Limassol, for typical summer and winter days.

Short Biography

Professor Despina Serghides is Adjunct at the Energy, Environment and Water Research Center of the Cyprus Institute (EEWRC), where she is the project leader of several European projects (Interreg ZenH Balkan, the ERANET SUI-Urban Europe/2014, the Horizon SOCLIMPACT, the COST ENGAGER) and carries out research in Architecture, Energy and the Urban Environment. Up until recently, she was professor at the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), at the department of Science Technology and the Environment.  Previously, she worked for many years at the Higher Technical Institute. Her research focuses in the field of bioclimatic architecture and energy efficiency and energy conscious building design for sustainable indoor and outdoor environments. In the early 90s the results of her research for “Zero Energy for the Cyprus House” hit the headlines of the Cyprus press, and were reported internationally. The architectural design and concepts of her research have been presented and discussed at international congresses, forums and conferences and most of it has been published in international scientific journals and proceedings.

She obtained her Doctorate and her Master in “Architecture, Energy & Environment” from the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA) London, UK, from where she also obtained her Diploma in Architecture and post-graduate studies in Planning at the Planning Department.

She is the president of the International Solar Energy Society of Cyprus (ISES), member of the executive Committee and member of the Board of Directors of ISES-Europe of which she was the president. She has acted as a consultant for the Cyprus Government and Parliamentary committees and has been the national scientific representative of the National Scientific and Technical Co-operations with Greece and China. She gives lectures at National and international Universities and Institutes. She is editor and reviewer in scientific journals and international conferences proceedings. She has a lot of scientific publications and she was honoured with a lot of scholarships, awards and offices. She chairs and participates in organizing and scientific committees of International and National conferences, seminars and congresses of which she is invited plenary or/and keynote speaker and presents her scientific research.

Talk Keywords
Smart Urban Isle; outdoor thermal comfort; microclimate simulations; urban geometry; Mediterranean climate.
Target Audience
Students, Graduates, Professors and Industrial Consultants
Speaker-intro video

The International Conference on Innovative Applied Energy (IAPE’18)