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Pr. Denny K. S. Ng

Heriot-Watt University Malaysia


Talk Title
Mathematical Optimisation Approach for Synthesis of Integrated Biogas and Wastewater Treatment System for Palm Oil Mill Effluent

Talk Abstract

During the production of crude palm oil (CPO) in palm oil mills (POMs), large amount of palm oil mill effluent (POME) are generated. As POME consists of high organic content, direct discharge of POME to the watercourse induces severe environment pollution. In order to treat POME to meet the environment legislation, various technologies have been developed and available in the market (e.g., open ponding system, settling tank and filter systems). However, these technologies are only focusing on treating POME to meet the current discharge standard and require huge footprint. Therefore, in order to improve the treatment system further, an Integrated Biogas and Wastewater Treatment (IBWT) system, that integrates multiple technologies as a whole, is introduced to generate biogas while treating POME to meet the new discharge limit (BOD lower or equal to 20 ppm). In this study, a systematic approach is presented to synthesise and optimise an IBWT system based on maximum economic performance. A Malaysian palm oil mill case study is used to illustrate the proposed approach. The optimised result shows that, POME produced from a 60 t/h mill is capable to generate up to 1.9 MWh or 2,000 tonnes of bio-compressed natural gas (bioCNG) annually. Sensitivity analysis on electricity and bioCNG prices are performed to evaluate the economic feasibility of the developed IBWT system.

Short Biography

Professor Ir. Dr. Denny K. S. Ng is Associate Head, School of Engineering and Physical Sciences,Heriot-Watt University, Malaysia. Prof Ng served as Head of Business Engagement and InnovationServices (BEIS), Professor of Process Design and Integrated Biorefinery at the Department ofChemical and Environmental Engineering and Founding Director of Centre of Sustainable Palm OilResearch (CESPOR), University of Nottingham, Malaysia. Prof. Ng is well-published and well-cited(over 150 papers with an h-index of 32) and presented more than 180 papers in various conferences.He was the recipient of 1st World Wu Clans Excellence Award 2017, Ten Outstanding YoungMalaysian Award (TOYM) 2017 (Scientific and Technological Development), Junior ChamberInternational (JCI); Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) Young Engineer Award 2015; ThreeOutstanding Young Persons of Negeri Sembilan (3OYP.NS) Awards, JCI 2014; Global IChemE YoungChemical Engineer of the Year 2012, etc. Other than the abovementioned personal awards, Prof Ngalso received various awards from professional bodies and institutions on his great achievementsand contributions to the society. Apart from focusing on research and development (R&D), Prof. Ngalso applied his R&D output in industrial consultation projects. Prof Ng is also currently executivedirector for a spin off company of university, Nottingham Green Technologies Sdn. Bhd., whichmainly commercialise the development technologies to the industry.

Talk Keywords
Anaerobic digestion; Biomethane; Process Systems Engineering; Process synthesis; Process optimisation.
Target Audience
Students, Post doctoral, Industry, Doctors and professors
Speaker-intro video

The International Conference on Innovative Applied Energy (IAPE’18)