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Dr. Ehan Shukri

Engineering Technical College-Baghdad, Middle Technical University (MTU) Baghdad, Iraq.


Talk Title
Numerical Analysis of Thermal Enhancement in Diffusers Fitted with Swirl Generators

Talk Abstract

Diffusers are essential components for combustion chambers. They serve as a converter of the flow dynamic head to static pressure. In the combustion chamber, good mixing is essential for the high burning rate. The attainment of a satisfying temperature distribution in the exhaust gases is very dependent on the degree of the combustion mixing. Different enhancement methods have been developed by introducing a swirling flow. It can be produced by swirl generators such as helical screw-tapes, twist tapes, dimples, etc. Helical screw-tape and twisted tape insert are an active area for the researchers to study their effects; hence they increase the turbulence intensity and have a dominant role in enhancing thermal distribution. In this research study, numerical simulation analyses were undertaken in a diffuser to enhance heat transfer rate by enhancing temperature distribution in a turbulent flow with air as the working fluid. This aim was achieved by using different geometric models of swirl generators such as helical screw-tape, helical screw-tape hub, pimpled hub and twisted square hub. The study was conducted with inlet Reynolds number 4.3 x 104. The numerical analyses were carried out with commercial software applying standard k-ε model as a turbulence model. Temperature distribution was evaluated in the proposed diffusers to assess the real benefits of using those types of inserts in compared to the plain diffusers. The results show that the proposed swirl generator models have a good influence on the temperature distribution. It shows that the distribution rate is increased with decreasing pitch length under the same operating conditions. The best temperature distribution is provided by introducing a helical screw-tape hub and a helical screw-tape. The numerical findings were compared with those obtained from the plain diffuser and they were confirmed by experiment. Finally, correlations based on the data generated from this work to predict the temperature distribution in terms of Eckert number, pitch length ratio, and height length ratio were reported. From the correlations, the best temperature distribution is achieved by the insert of the helical screw-tape hub and twisted square hub in the annular diffuser.

Short Biography

Dr. Ehan Sabah Shukri is working as a lecturer at Middle Technical University (MTU), Baghdad. She was honored that she has been selected for lecturing at University Technology Baghdad, Department of Mechanical Engineering after she got her Bachelor Degree in 1984. Lecturing is so rewarding and gave her a sense that she was making the world a better place for her students. Because they are the future and have unlimited value. She earned her master’s degree in air-condition engineering from the Mechanical Engineering Department, University Technology Baghdad in 1989. And she obtained her Thermo Fluid Mechnecis from University Technology MARA, UiTM, Malaysia 2016. Research interests include but not limited to heat transfer enhancement applications in diffusers including swirl flow, temperature distribution by introducing different concepts of swirl generators fitted with different types of diffusers. She has published various research articles in these areas. Additionally, since 1984, she worked as a lecture; she has more than 30 years’ experience in lecturing.

Talk Keywords
CFD, temperature distribution, swirl flow.
Target Audience
Students, Post doctoral, Industry, Doctors and professors
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The International Conference on Innovative Applied Energy (IAPE’18)