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Dr. Roberto Garay Martinez

TECNALIA, Sustainable Construction Division, Spain

Talk Title
De-Carbonizing Heat Supplies in Urban Areas

Talk Abstract

District Heating systems are considered to be one of the most effective heat supply systems in urban areas. District Heating systems are commonly supplied by a set of different heat production plants. In mature systems, heat production technologies have evolved over time. To-date, District heating systems are mostly supplied from large boilers or Combined Heat and Power systems, commonly fired with fossil fuels such as coal, oil or natural gas.

In the transition to de-carbonise European Heat Supply, interventions are being held in District Heating Systems to introduce large scale solar heat production plants, large scale thermal storage and intensify the use of industrial and commercial waste heat. In the long term, operation temperature is expected to be reduced to favour integration of renewables and mitigate local heat losses.

With limited space available in consolidated urban environments, the hierarchized structure of District Heating Systems needs to be re-thought. Users, taking profit of their roofs to generate solar heat shall inject excess heat into the district, thus allowing for optimal use of excess heat in domestic solar systems during summer.

In this talk, a comprehensive review to heat production systems is presented, with particular focus on District Heating Systems, their transition to low energy systems, and the potentialities of distrit heating connection of de-centralised Solar Thermal Systems .

Short Biography
Dr Roberto Garay is Lead Researcher in Building Integrated Solar Thermal Systems and Heat Transfer in Building Envelopes. He has been involved in research and engineering in relation to Energy in Buildings for 10 years. Expert in experimental procedures for building physics and solar systems, and staff member of the KUBIK test facility since 2011. He has developed singular experimental procedures for a variety of systems, and has consulted in the definition of industry-led experimental facilities in several countries. He has been anthor to many conference and journal papers, and has co-organized several international conferences in these topics.

Since 2017, he is Project Coordinator of h2020 project RELaTED, a de-carbonised heat concept by means of low-T distribution, re-use of waste heat and incorporation of solar thermal systems at district and building scale.

Talk Keywords
Heat Supply, District Heat, Solar Systems, Low Carbon, Energy Transition.
Target Audience
Students, Post doctoral, Industry, Doctors and professors
Speaker-intro video

The International Conference on Innovative Applied Energy (IAPE’18)