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Dr. Gobinda Saha

University of New Brunswick Department of Mechanical Engineering, Canada


Talk Title
Nanostructured ceramic-metallic (cermet) composites and 3D architecture components for sustainable energy applications

Talk Abstract

This keynote presentation will talk about the recent developments in nanostructured cermet materials, their key utilization in the high pressure cold spray process for protective layer deposition. Nanostructured materials with engineered architecture are a rising class of materials. They bring immense possibilities in terms of functional properties, filling the gaps and pushing the limits of Ashby’s materials performance maps, pertaining to particulate and fibrous composites, foams, sandwich structures, woven materials, lattice structures, etc. Functionally-graded (FG) materials belong to a class of inhomogeneous composite materials in which the volume fraction of two components varies continuously over a given direction, resulting in corresponding evolution in the material properties. Such materials eliminate the sharp discrete interface that exists in a composite material or in an assembly, which is the preferential failure zone. Various application domains, like automotive, aerospace, defence, biomedical, electronics, etc., are interested in FG materials for their ability to withstand mechanical and thermal loadings and to reduce thermal stress gradients for heat-resistant materials. The talk will delve into the design criteria for new materials applications, their synthesis techniques, and development of functionally-graded properties across the thickness of 3D architectured components with superior strength and hardness. These mechanical properties are the key parameters when it comes to wear protection of energy infrastructure and their sustainable life operation. The distinct characteristics of this talk are the case studies from industrial applications of the developed cermets, including aerospace and defense, construction, and renewable energy.

Short Biography

Dr. Gobinda Saha is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UNB. Before, he led the R&D at two successive Nanocomposites manufacturing companies in Calgary, AB in conjunction with academic appointment at the University of Calgary. His work served as the bridge divulging theoretical knowledge in nanocomposite materials into the design, synthesis, testing, and commercialization of two nanostructured coatings systems developed on the HVOF thermal spraying methodology. Simultaneously, his research in design, fabrication, processing, and characterization/testing of smart optical sensor reinforced FRP composites and modeling has contributed to the dissemination of knowledge through peer-review publication in over 50 papers, has patent protection application in process. Dr. Saha has given numerous keynote talks on the topic of Nanostructured Composites and Biocomposites. He has served as the Chair of ASME Composites & Heterogeneous Materials Technical Committee, as well the founding member of the Joint Canada USA Regulatory Cooperation Council on developing strategies for nanomaterials including risk assessment and management and uses of industrial nanomaterials. (

Talk Keywords
Nanostructured materials; Cermets; High pressure cold spray; 3D architecture; Energy.
Target Audience
Students, Post doctoral, Industry, Doctors and professors
Speaker-intro video

The International Conference on Innovative Applied Energy (IAPE’18)